Monday, June 28, 2010

Maine bout recap

Finally, my recap from the Maine bout on June 12, 2010.

I rode out to Portland with Rambo and Porkslap on Friday night and had an enjoyable time that evening and on Saturday during the day.  Rambo and I headed to the Portland Expo Center around 3pm.  Most everyone was there already and I met a few of the Maine Roller Derby girls - The Calamity Janes.  Their co-captain, Allagasher, was super friendly!  The Expo Center is a really nice facility and they had nice locker rooms for us.  Here I am being short as usual:

The game started at 6pm (earlier than we're used to, but maybe since their dang bars close at 1am and there was an after party to attend?)

It seemed like Maine's style of play was strong walls (sometimes 4 girls all up in the front) and a fast pack as needed.  Their jammers weren't as mean as some I've seen.  There wasn't really any hitting right off the jammer line.  The blockers were another story.  As soon as the whistle blew, they were ready to blow us up.  A-Block, with her big mouth and even bigger derby booty (stated as a compliment - for real!) made me laugh when she threw her butt/hips at me when we were lined up to start the jam and exclaimed "I'm an ******* !" and threw her head back and laughed.  They played all in good fun but they played a serious game.

Be sure to check out my post about my first time jamming here:

It was also awesome to play an actual WFTDA team.  Playing such solid players was a good experience.  They took us to town at with a score of 157 - 85.  Congratulations to MVPs to Shockratease for HoT MVP and Spry Icicle for MRD!  Yeah!

Thanks again to Maine for being a great host!  Also, thanks for the crazy time at the afterparty... can you say light up dance floor?  AMAZING.

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Photo by ballofpopcultur

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