Thursday, July 22, 2010

More About URG Bout

I wanted to mention in my last post that Shockratease and Kitty were also at the last bout - playing!  The Utica Roller Girls are our sister team, so sometimes we have girls fill in if one team doesn't have a full roster.  It's also great to work so closely with URG, because sometimes we are able to go to each other's practices and learn something new from each other.

A girl on URG has one of my favorite derby names: "Betty B. Ready" and her number is "L8".  I think that's so clever!  haha.  Two of my other favorite girls on URG are Pink E. Racer and Anita Grenade.  I met them when I was still fresh meat, so they still (and will probably always) endearingly call me Turd (short for Turducken!)

Looking nice in brown and gold.
Utica played the Rideau Valley Vixens from Ottawa, Canada.  They were a really solid and fun team.  I loved their uniforms.  They also had nice matching gold helmets.  I thought it looked very sharp.  One funny/cute part at the bout was after they played the American National Anthem, they played the Canadian National Anthem and all the Canadian girls sang along to it.  Canada was also SUPER fun at the after party.  I wish I could've stayed longer, but I had to get up wayyyyy early to run the Boilermaker!  As Eloda described it, "derby girls take 'dance like no ones watching' to a whole new level."

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