Saturday, January 8, 2011

CNYRD Announces Season Schedule

Our friendly roller derby neighbors straight down I-90, Central New York Roller Derby (CNYRD) have announced their 2011 season schedule, which you can view after the jump.

Me and Mellfire after an ACRD
mixed scrimmage.
Throughout last year I have gotten to know a couple of the CNY girls. My first taste was when HoT traveled to Utica in April 2010 to play our first game of the season. I was not rostered for this bout, and it was actually the first time I ever got to see the Hellions play. We met them again in September at Empire Skate Showdown. By that time I had friended a few girls on facebook or twitter...which is where I started talking to Mellfire. She's great and she cracks me up on twitter.  Later in September I went out to CNY to catch them play Assault City (Syracuse) for the Battle of the 315.

When Assault City started hosting mixed scrimmages, I really started to become familiar with some of their girls.  Pied Viper, who Shockratease and I watched in aww at the CNY/ACRD bout, was on my team a couple times and she's also just terrific.

It looks like CNY has a solid season ahead of them, which you can read about in detail on their blog.

One game I am VERY excited for is the April 2 game against our even-more-local derby neighbors, the Albany All Stars. This will be a great game because it's a double header, featuring two bouts: AASRD vs CNYRD and the Capital District Trauma Authority (CDTA) vs the Utica Quadfathers. When not reffing for the Hellions, Mr.T plays for CDTA. This will also be CDTA's first bout...yeah!

I hope to catch one or two other CNY bouts this summer, and if I do you'll hear about it here!  Of course, this is part of my 2011 derby goals anyway :)

Lastly...omg omg... September 3 - Empire Skate Showdown Tournament on Long Island - hosted by the Long Island Roller Rebels!  See you there ladies!


  1. Awww Thanks Short Temper!

    <3 Slay

  2. Thanks! Can't wait to see you girls play this weekend!

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