Friday, May 13, 2011

My one year bout-aversary

The bout flyer from last year - May 8, 2010.
I can't believe I missed my one year bout-aversary!! That is to say, my very first roller derby bout one year ago: May 8, 2011 against the Utica Rollergirls!

Since then, I have played so much derby! I joined the Hellions in September 2009 - I am almost a two year veteran of the team.

Looking back, I have played in 10 bouts total, plus Empire Skate Showdown on Long Island last September.  WOW! My "record" is four losses and six wins.  Not bad :)

Tomorrow, when we play Garden State, it will be my 11th bout.

One other interesting thing is that tomorrow, my boyfriend, "Massacre", who refs for the Hellions but also plays for the Capital District Men's Roller Derby league, will play in his first bout ever!

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