Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I just read this great article on It's written by Bane-Ana, who just days ago I saw play on a compilation team - the East Coast Irregulars (as Bane-ana on Skates, that is) against Harm City Homicide in Baltimore, MD. The Hellions also shared a locker room with his team (New York Shock Exchange's Coney Island Freak Show) at Empire Skate Showdown, so I then knew what he looked like sans banana suit.

Of course I'd seen Bane from afar at Regional Playoffs and on DNN, but most recently I had the pleasure of chatting with him post-bout and at the parking-lot-PBR-after-party on Sunday night. He's really just terrific, and his words in this article complete solidify my positive opinion of him.

If you love derby, then check out Bane-Ana's article on Compensation.

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