Saturday, June 16, 2012


We intro'd the Herculadies on the other blog, but I NEED to make mention of them here, too! The Herculadies are the Hellions' new "B Team". New girls are drafted to this team upon graduating their minimum skill requirements. This is the team we send out against newer leagues as well. Roller derby is a growing and growing sport, and of course we want to help other leagues grow too.

The "A Team" will continue to skate under the name "Hellions", but when you see a bout advertised as the "Herculadies", it'll still be your hometown HoTRD girls, just some newer faces. While I am currently playing on A Team rosters, I am occasionally also a backup/alternate for the Herculadies.  [Edit 12:30pm: one of the girls has a stomach bug today, looks like I'll be playing tonight after all!]

The captains are Con-tagious and Sick Puppy, who lead practice once every couple weeks. They're both fun, hysterical, and motivating - they are great leaders. Lil' Wheezy is one of the primary Herculadies pivots. Her skill level has exploded over the past couple months - she understands the game, is vocal on the track, and is a great team player. I love working with her at practice!
Con-tagious and Sick Puppy!
On June 2, the Herculadies played their first bout ever against Central New York's Wonderbrawlers. I played in Utica for my first game as well, so I am glad we've been able to keep up this semi tradition of debuting skaters with our friends from CNYRD. The Herculadies took the win at that bout (read some of their impressions here). Tonight they play their first home bout at Rollarama against Plattsburg Roller Derby's Lumber Jills. It's going to be a great game!
Hair/makeup: Stiletto Salon || Photo; Dino Petrocelli