Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Outdoor practice at the Crossings in Colonie

Monday night we had practice at the Crossings in Colonie.  We started with some offskates exercises lead by Bloody Knuckles Betty.  This included a team building activity which Betty described as "something from the Might Ducks".
Agility ladder drills


After offskates we geared up for some trail skating!  A couple girls didn't have outdoor wheels so they ran along with us.  Viper Martini, our resident runner, was booking it!  At the end she raced Trixie Firecracker down the trail and kept up!

The weather held out for a very nice evening of outdoor skating.  Looking forward to hitting up the Crossings again this summer!

Viper Martini runs alongside Trixie Firecracker 

Great night for an outdoor skate session with the Hellions!


  1. nice one!!

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