Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Derby Road Trip

Earlier last week I didn't have any plans for the weekend. In fact, I thought it might be nice to spend it at home and relax. Then I got an invite from Pink E. Racer from the Utica Rollergirls to join them in Rochester for a scrimmage on Sunday morning against one of Roc City's new home teams. ALRIGHT!! Kitty and Reading Rambo also decided to join us.
Fast forward to Saturday evening: Rambo and I are rolling down I-90 to meet Kitty who already happened to be in Rochester. We figured driving out Saturday evening would be better than leaving Albany at 7am for the 11am scrimmage. We're crazy, but not that crazy.
Sunday morning, Kitty took us to breakfast at Tim Horton's. w00t! Then we made our way to Roc City's facility - the arena where they skate is really nice! It was my first time skating on Skate Court - I approve.
Rochester's team was very new. It's my understanding that of the 15 or so girls there that morning, only four had bouted before. Their first bout is coming up on June 12, so they were hoping for some outside teams to help them prepare. Needless to say, we were dominating them. BUT, I personally feel they have a lot of potential and they also did a GREAT job adapting to some of our strategies. For example, I am short and I will take advantage of that when necessary. Roc City had 2 or 3 girls who were probably 7 feet tall with their skates on, I am not kidding. And one was named GWAR. I was shaking!
So anyway, I decided to skate low to the ground, which made me a more difficult target. That strategy worked out for me for awhile, until a few of the girls figured out they could also get down low, which made me much easier to hit. Nice adapting!
Another awesome part of of this trip was that my friend Liz, who lives in Rochester, came out Sunday morning to watch us scrimmage. Liz is my first college friend to see me play!
Being involved with roller derby always offers you the opportunity to be doing the last thing you thought you would. Luckily, it's usually awesome things like this!
Thank you to Roc City Roller Derby for hosting us on Sunday morning and for providing lunch. It was nice meeting you all - good luck with your game on June 12!

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