Wednesday, May 26, 2010


One way I try to improve my physical condition for roller derby (and generally maintain a healthy lifestyle) is by running.  I haven't always been interested in running, and only recently have I been able to run even a mile without stopping to walk.  I'm writing about running because I am in the middle a three 5K-race-palooza that somehow I got myself into.

Thursday, May 20 I ran in the CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge with my coworkers.  This was actually a 5K+ race - 3.5 miles total.  My time for that race was 40 minutes and 2 seconds.  Not too great, but pretty much on pace with what I expecting to run.  11:47 min/mile; about 5mph.  I headed right to practice after this race and skated my tail off for two hours -- I felt awesome!  Must've been a post race high.  Of course, as soon as I got home I slept like a baby.

On Sunday May 23, I ran the inaugural SPAC 5K Rock & Run with my friends Jen, Brendan, and Susan.  My friend Jen has a good recap of this race.  (By the way, her whole blog is awesome, especially if you like health food and running.)  I'm happy to report that I beat my personal 5K record that morning, crossing the finish line at exactly 33 minutes (previous record: 35:34 - Turkey Troy, November 2009 - my first 5K!).  My average mile was 10 min 38 seconds.  Nice!  I came in 567th out of 776 runners.

Lastly, I'll be running the Freihofer's Run for Women on Saturday, June 5.  Like roller derby, this is a celebration of female athletes.  As I skate and run over the next few weeks, I intend to think about what that means to me.  Does it mean anything?  Ain't I a woman?  Well, yeah, but... so what?  I'll be thinking about it...

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