Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bout Recap: HoTRD vs. the Killah Bees

Hellions vs Killah Bees in 2011.
On Saturday, April 28 we hosted the Killah Bees of Providence Roller Derby.  We first met the Bees last year in one of our only bouts which we suffered a loss in 2011.  It was actually our greatest defeat of 2011 - a final score of Bees 211 - Hellions 59.  They were the first team we faced that consistently employed the strategy of taking a knee at the jammer line.
If implemented properly, this strategy immediately starts jam, releasing the jammers as soon as the refs are able to blow their whistles.

We were excited to host the Bees again to see how we would fair.

The beginning of the game was tough.  The Bees opened up with a huge 24-0 jam.  We didn't score for the first five jams, until Pork Slap took 8 points in jam 6.  We were getting our groove, but by the end of the first period, we were down 62-112.

In the locker room, we talked about their strategy and what we needed to do to react.  We recognized their tactics and discussed counter-strategy. We knew it would take teamwork.

Our refocusing at halftime worked.  We inched up in points.  Five jams into period two, Shockratease had an amazing 25 point power jam, which closed the gap even further.  It was so exciting!  Soon, after a couple strong jams from Pork Slap and Shockratease again, we finally took the lead.  We were so close to sweet victory, but the Bees weren't ready to give up.  A 20 point power jam for the Bees gave them back the lead, and they refused to give it up again.  The last 5 minutes of the bout were very exciting as both teams fought for points.

In the end, the Killah Bees won the bout with a score of 177 Bees - 169 HoT.  Only 8 points!  In roller derby, that's practically a tie!  Not bad after losing to them by over 150 points last year.  It was one of our best games so far this year.  Thank you Bees for the amazing game!

Hellions of Troy vs. Killah Bees 4.28.12

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