Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hellions vs. Killah Bees - March 5 bout recap

On Saturday, March 5, the Hellions of Troy hosted the Killah Bees of Providence Roller Derby from Providence, RI. We knew this would be our most challenging bout of the season, but we were ready. We were going into the bout undefeated this season, so this was the team to lose to. But not without a fight.

Providence's A team, the Rhode Island Riveters, played at Eastern Regionals back in September. The Killah Bees style of play was definitely in the style of the top teams in the East. As soon as the took the pivot line, they established a dominant and confident position.

Photo by George Govel via Facebook

Photo by Matt Wilson via Facebook.
They were also not uncomfortable with the strategy of taking a knee at the pivot line before the start of the jam whistle. If implemented properly, this strategy immediately starts jam, releasing the jammers as soon as the refs are able to blow their whistles. This strategy was popular at Eastern Regionals and Nationals this year.

I did not play in this bout, but the report from the rostered girls was that the Bees hit clean and hard.

The final score of the bout was 211 Bees - 59 HoT.

Lets not forget the theme of this bout was Moustache Party. I must make note of some particularly awesome 'staches:

Con-Tagious and Jen working the door and welcome fans to the Moustache Party!
Spam and Hanna Solo with some fine upper lip decoration.
Arts and crafts moustache station.
I got into the craft station myself... me with Ida and Scarbucks :)

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