Friday, May 21, 2010

Fresh Meat Training

Over the past six months, the Hellions have really begun to hash out a solid new skater training program. While the veterans practice on the track, all the new skaters are gathered together on the side to work on minimum skills requirements. They work as a group with a coach or other veteran who teaches them the basics of falling down safely, stopping (without crashing into a wall, haha), and basic hits. They also work on other basic derby skills such as balance, giving and taking whips, avoiding obstables on the track (imagine skating and someone falls down in front of you. What do you do? Skate around or jump over them of course! Either way, you have to act quickly!)
Last week we held skills testing for the majority of our freshmeat. The test is pass/fail and based on the WFTDA Minimum Skate Requirements.
Obviously, everyone's favorite part of the test is "25 in Five":
1.4 Speed and Endurance
1.4.1 Skates 25 Laps around regulation track within five minutes
(based on WFTDA regulation track)
What's that you say? Not everyone loves that drill? Ok, just me I guess! It's not easy (at first), but you gotta do it. And then when you pass skills testing and get to skate with the vets, you get to do it all the time. Awesome!
On Monday night Coach Beefcake announced the six girls who passed Minimums. Of course we got them right into the pack with us doing drills. They did great! A couple have some super speed and all of them can take a hit. We are proud of you Hellions! Can't wait to watch you grow into even stronger skaters and players!
Does this sound like something you want to do? Send an email to hellionsrecruitment |at| gmail |dot| com and tell us you're ready for whatever we dish out. Or tell us you're scared as heck but would love to give it a try. It's all good!

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