Friday, March 25, 2011

Fresh meat blog: Learning Derby

One of our new fresh meat, Pemmican (many of our fresh meat this go-around have rather exotic names!), has been blogging about her experience as a new skater.  Her blog is called Learning Derby and she's been blogging about a week in a half.  So far she's covered thoughts on joining the team, to getting better in the first week, and just last night she wrote about finally getting her own gear and skates!

Check out her blog and see what it's like to be a new skater!  Veteran skaters, do you remember what it's like to be new?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Derby road trip to Boston - February 26

At the end of February, I traveled to Boston with Ida and Eloda for the Boston Derby Dames vs. Montreal New Skids on the Block. It was my first time at a Boston home game... and Montreal is one of my favorite teams!

But before we went to the game, we spent some time in Salem where we met up with Con-tagious and Jen! Salem is the place where the... Salem Witch Trials took place, but of course we found loads of derby there!

The Derby House
Derby House (1762) - built in 1762 by Captain Richard Derby as a wedding gift for his son, a fine example of Georgian architecture.
Derby Wharf (1762, extended 1806) - Salem's longest wharf (nearly 1/2 mile). When in active use, it was lined with warehouses of goods from around the world. The Derby Wharf Light (1871) remains at the end of the wharf. [Wikipedia]
Miss Ida and Eloda in front of the Derby House
Jen and Con-Tagious
Walking around town, we all came across this picture: a dinosaur wearing roller skates, with a shark riding on it's back. OK.

Salem was pretty interesting. We went to the House of Seven Gables and got our history on!

And speaking of finding derby...thanks to Twitter we knew that some of the Jerzey Derby Brigade was walking the streets of Salem. And what do ya know, we ran into Doom Hilda and some other JDB peeps! As MellFire said, "I knew you would! Roller derby takes a big bad world and makes it small and sweet! :)"
Eloda Sarcasm and Doom Hilda

After our adventures in Salem, we headed to the Boston Derby Dames bout! The Boston Massacre took on Montreal's New Skids on the Block. It was a "wicked" exciting game - The New Skids won, 112 - 84.
Boston Massacre vs. New Skids on the Block

One thing that's pretty cool about Boston is that their fans LOVE their home teams. In fact, the A teams (Massacre v New Skids) was the opening game, with the main event being the intraleague bout - the Cosmonaughties vs the Nutcrackers (BDD's third home team is the Wicked Pissahs). The fans are absolultely nuts about the home teams. Actually, it seemed that the Boston fans were pretty smart about derby in general. I didn't overhear any conversations where one party expressed confusion. Actually, very often I heard fans discussion strategy. Impressive! The scene at the Shriner's Auditorium was true to what a Saratogian blogger, Matt's Discount Sports Blog, recently wrote about. Totally fun.

The Cosmonaughties vs Nutcrackers game was really close. Points gained were neck and neck the entire bout. The final score was Cosmonaughties 102-Nutcrackers 101. From what I understand, the home teams often end with finals scores within just points of each other. No wonder that fans are bananas for derby out there.

Special thanks to Boston Derby Dame, Hayley Contagious, who hosted Ida, Eloda, and I on Saturday evening. She also wrote the bout recaps for that night, so you should check 'em out!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Schenectady Art Night tonight

Make sure to stop by Schenectady Art Night tonight in downtown Schenectady. We'll have a table inside Proctor's (near the coffee place).  Come say hello!

We should still have pretty nice weather tonight - beautiful night for a stroll down Jay Street and around State Street!

Schenectady Art Night is the third Sunday of every month.  Check out this month's flyer here:

After Art Night, think about sticking around Proctor's for a performance by the Mop & Bucket Co. It looks like their current theme is Chortle Kombat.  From the disclaimer in the video on their website, This show contains no actual deadly combat.

Yeah yeah, we say the same thing about roller derby.

Hudson Valley Horrors scrimmage (+ Sonic Drive-in)

On Monday, March 7, a bunch of us traveled down to Hyde Park to scrimmage the Hudson Valley Horrors. These girls are so fun and nice, and I love their rink, Roller Magic! It has a really beautiful floor, sorta like Rollarama. HVHRD is also the home team for referee Ludachris Speed, and everybody likes him.

Both teams had a good number of girls, but we also ended up with Square Broot, Spazzy, and Savior Self on our team. Square Broot's name cracks me up!  Math!! <3

The teams were evenly matched. At half time the score was 68-68!

Pink blurs = Hellions; black blurs = Horrors.  (Ah yes, the horrible iphone photography you've come
to expect from this blog).
Yak Stew (background) on the jammer line.
One of our most recent fresh meat graduates, Yak Stew (still so new she doesn't have a derby name yet) made it down for the scrimmage. Here she is lined up on the jammer line ready to rock...

And she got lead jammer status!

Go little pink blur, go!

The final score of the scrimmage was 132 - 104.

And then after the scrimmage... we had to go to Sonic. Of course. Annnnd, special note.. our waiter/food bring-er out-er guy wore this roller skates!! (Because we begged him to).

Greetings from Sonic in Kingston, NY. Love, the Hellions.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hellions vs. Killah Bees - March 5 bout recap

On Saturday, March 5, the Hellions of Troy hosted the Killah Bees of Providence Roller Derby from Providence, RI. We knew this would be our most challenging bout of the season, but we were ready. We were going into the bout undefeated this season, so this was the team to lose to. But not without a fight.

Providence's A team, the Rhode Island Riveters, played at Eastern Regionals back in September. The Killah Bees style of play was definitely in the style of the top teams in the East. As soon as the took the pivot line, they established a dominant and confident position.

Photo by George Govel via Facebook

Photo by Matt Wilson via Facebook.
They were also not uncomfortable with the strategy of taking a knee at the pivot line before the start of the jam whistle. If implemented properly, this strategy immediately starts jam, releasing the jammers as soon as the refs are able to blow their whistles. This strategy was popular at Eastern Regionals and Nationals this year.

I did not play in this bout, but the report from the rostered girls was that the Bees hit clean and hard.

The final score of the bout was 211 Bees - 59 HoT.

Lets not forget the theme of this bout was Moustache Party. I must make note of some particularly awesome 'staches:

Con-Tagious and Jen working the door and welcome fans to the Moustache Party!
Spam and Hanna Solo with some fine upper lip decoration.
Arts and crafts moustache station.
I got into the craft station myself... me with Ida and Scarbucks :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hellions of Troy take on the Vermonster!!

The plan all along was to hit up Ben & Jerry's as part of our road trip to Vermont.  And what a better way to end our antic-filled road trip?

Photo by Knockout Kid.

Sunday (February 20) late morning a bunch of us met up at Ben & Jerry's on Church St. in Burlingtown to take on the Vermonster.
Wow.  There's a lot going on in there.
Eloda presents the Vermonster.
Although this is the before picture, I believe more or less of these people ultimately partook in the epic undertaking.  I, for one, was wrapping up hanging out with my family that morning, so I was part of the clean up crew.

Back Row: Miranda Wrights, Captain Slow, Skittles, Ivanna, Beefcake, Miss Ida
Front Row: Baby Nuclear, Knockout Kid, Spam, Deadlie Mercury, Eloda Saracasm, Luci D. Dream 

Making some progress.
Can almost see the bottom...
Like I said, I wasn't able to get to Ben & Jerry's until near the end of the bucket, as it were. By then the ice cream was pretty melted... just the way I like it.
Clean up crew.
Not sure how long this whole crazy situation took. About 45 minutes?
Annnddd the after shot:

It looks like everyone had mixed emotions about the experience. Great job, Hellions.

Side note: wrote about taking on the Vermonster just recently as well! Check out their post, which includes a video about how the Vermonster is made.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Hilarity and good times ensue up in Vermont

Quick recap on the Green Mountain Derby Dames bout here:

We had so much fun in Vermont last month! Once I got to the bout, I made the unique decision to break in my new set of Poison wheels. My Atom Queen Bs are pretty much bald, and probably too hard for GMDD's polished concrete floor. Shockratease helped me perform surgery on my skates.

It's not a great idea to use any kind of new equipment during an important event, but I'm glad I did. GMDD's floor was a lot slicker than Rollarama, and the balance the Poisons provided me really helped me out. I did end up with a lil' blister, but no big deal.

Other Hellions antics included having a second floor locker room and subsequently piling into the elevator and giving certain people a nervous fit. muah hahah.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The rumors are true: HoTRD to play Montreal - Les Filles du Roi this June

You may not have heard it hear first, but I'm here to confirm it! The Hellions will cross the border to Canada to take on one of Montreal Roller Derby's home teams - Les Filles du Roi.

Montreal Roller Derby was the first Canadian team to be accepted to the WFTDA. Their all star team, the New Skids on the Block, were the sweethearts of last year's WFTDA 2010 Eastern Regionals. This year, according to DNN's Power Rankings, they are currently ranked #7 in the Eastern Region (and #12 overall). They're 4-1 (W/L) in 2011, having only the 2009 WFTDA Champions, the Oly Rollers, last month.

Let me just say - I am super excited for this bout. Not only does Montreal kick ass on the track, but they are also widely known for being a close knit, fun loving league (ask anyone who's seen them at tournaments). While we're not playing the New Skids on the Block (thank goodness), it's an honor to play one of their home teams.

This will not be our first international bout. On July 18, 2009, HoTRD took on Rideau Valley's Slaughter Daughters @ Frear Park (our 2009 Season venue). This is before I joined the Hellions, but you can view video of the bout on USteam: Period 1 and Period 2. However, this will be our first time traveling internationally for a bout. Look out Canada!

The Hellions of Troy will travel to Montreal to play Montreal Roller Derby's Les Filles du Roi on June 11, 2011.

The rest of our summer season will be announced soon, so stay tuned!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Recent Fresh Meat Graduates!

We had a recruitment night last night, which reminded me I need to honor our most recent fresh meat graduates (and some not that really recent anymore!)

I like to post when fresh meat graduate so I can look back after a few months, especially when they've been through a couple bouts. I kind of love this photo from when Spam, Hanna, Dollie, and Baby graduated. I can't believe it was back in May 2010!

Anyway, here's some pics of our recent graduates...some who have already even bouted!

November 2010 Fresh Meat Graduates
Amelia Tear Her Apart, SinVinceable, Torya Anewone, Con-Tagious, Disharmony, Evo Huntress. .... and Flexi?!? What are you doing back there?

Freshest of the Fresh: February 2011 Fresh Meat Graduates
Graduation Master of Ceremony Beefcake introducing the girls with their new derby names for the first time.
Lehman Smothers, Jewish Lighting, Explosive Echo, Murder Muffin, and yet-to-be-named-still-being-called-Yak-Stew.

Introducing: Sassa Blanca!
Oh, and one more stragler: congrats to Sassa Blanca, even though you showed up late to practice!! We still love you though.

Not gonna lie - it's hard to remember to call the girls by their new names. Disharmony's gonna be "Road Kill" in my mind for a while. I can't help it! But some names are sticking and already earning nicknames. "J-Light"? I like it!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tonight's half time entertainment: the The Lucky Jukebox Brigade!

Check out the Lucky Jukebox Brigade! Our own Spam Ghetti-ho's is a member and they'll be playing at our bout tonight. You can listen to some of their tunes on their facebook page.

From their bio:
After forming a full six piece band in November of 2010, we decided on 4 songs to record and went to Warming Room Studios, and with the help of Carl Blackwood, created the 4-track EP you're hearing! Now, we're playing local shows and are planning to record a full length by the end of the year. We hope to see you at a show soon, and don't forget, some day the world will be saved by The Lucky Jukebox Brigade!
This will be some fun music to entertain you (on top of all the derby action) tonight!

Lucky Jukebox Brigade: music you can high five to.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sooo.... you wanna be a Hellion? Recruitment night: Sunday March 6

Thinking about joining roller derby? Come check out our recruitment night - this Sunday, March 6!

Come to practice, watch us scrimmage, talk with skaters, and see if roller derby is right for you!

~Read more about joining the Hellions here:

Once you join up, you'll be part of a "fresh meat" class - we'll teach you the rules, improve your skating, teach you the skills needed play derby (stopping, falling, hitting, and more) - and before you know it, you'll be kicking ass on the track. Come check us out! The Hellions of Troy want to make all of your roller derby dreams come true.

Great Derby Social 2011 - Recap

Photo by Knockout.

As I mentioned in the February events post, there was a roller derby social in February up in Enfield, NH. The Great Derby Social was just that - a time to meet or reconnect with derby people in the northeast. Most of the leagues that were there were from New Hampshire and Vermont. The Hellions and the Utica Roller Girls represented New York! There were also a few leagues from Massachusetts.

Disharmony, Knockout, and I headed up to New Hampshire on Saturday afternoon (February 12). It was a nice drive; it did start snowing when we arrived, though! We blew in around 5pm - by that point things were well under way so we hauled in our stuff, set up "camp" at one of the snack bar booths, and checked out the scene.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Next home bout: Saturday, March 5

This weekend! And our last home bout of the 2010-11 Winter season.  Our Summer season will be announced some time this month!!

Going to the bout? Say so on Facebook:

And buy advance tickets here: