Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Skating on Outdoor Wheels (Inside)

At last Monday's practice, I realized I left my indoor wheels at home.  I had my outdoor wheels on because I was skating outside for Troy Night Out
From my basic understanding, outdoor wheels are typically made from a softer material which makes rolling over rougher surfaces smoother.  They also have more traction so you slide around less.  Lastly, the outdoors wheels I am using have seen better days - they're just pretty worn down in general.
As I was warming up at practice, it felt like I was skating on marshmallows.  I was slow and generally had to work harder to propel myself around the track.  Of course, this was a night where coaching started out with the 25-in-5 drill.  Nooooooooo!  But, for science, I skated my heart out during that drill and just squeaked out 25 laps.  Normally, I can skate 28-30 -- who thought it could make such a difference!
So...good workout on Monday.  I will not be forgetting my indoor wheels again!

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