Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What Should I Wear to Zombie Prom?

Zombie prom is only a few days away!  Unlike my high school prom, where I asked out my date 4 months in advance and had a dress picked out about a week later, I did my shopping tonight (Wednesday) for the prom which is Saturday.  Ah, to be free of the clasps of the high school dream of a "perfect" night (actually my prom was damn near perfect.)

So anyway, tonight I headed to the Goodwill on Hoosick Road in Troy.  Their dress selection was okay, but I only found a couple I liked.  In the past, I've also had great luck with dresses at the Goodwill on Fuller Road in Albany, and the Salvation Army on Central Ave in Schenectady.

These are the two dresses I really liked (of course I bought both!)  The first is this lovely pink polka dot piece.

Goodwill dressing room iPhone photoshoot.

This is quite a pretty dress, knee length, strappy, busty, and a size 4 (it just fits).  If I wear this dress, I would not want to get any fake blood on it or rip it up like I did to my dress last year.  I could probably wear it again to another semi formal event :p  Here's a picture of the dress hanging up in my apartment.  I guess the colors are kind of hard to tell from the photos...the truest is probably from the photo on the left.  Maybe I will also treat myself to getting a nice up-do for the prom if I wear this dress!
Another iPhone photoshoot.

My other choice is a long, more traditional-looking prom dress. It is light pink, color most similar to the pictures on the right.  If I wear this dress, I am totally gonna rip it up.  It actually already has a big rip in the back.  I think fake splattered blood on the bust would also be quite nice.  Here's the back of the dress: I like the buttons!  Of course they're zippers all the way up - hehe.

A tough decision... should I go for more of the ironic zombie look - cute, clean dress, nice hair style... but totally gory make up?  Or should I really go to town on the second dress, ratty-ing it up, teasing my hair, and very much look like I'm out for a night of the living dead?

Which dress do you think I should wear?

Don't miss the WAMC Zombie Prom!
Saturday, October 23 9pm
The Linda, WAMC's Performing Arts Studio
339 Central Ave, Albany NY
Hosted by the Hellions of Troy and the Wolf from PYX106

Earlier in the day, don't forget about the Zombie Walk.  Meet between 3 and 5pm in front of the Washington Avenue Armory garage.  Makeup artists will be available (some free, some not). The Walk steps off at 5pm sharp, and we'll parade up the street about a mile to the Linda...with police escorts and everything!  And did I maybe here something about a firetruck??

After the parade, stick around for the Brain Eating Competition and the Thriller Dance Off - there will be a professional choreographer to teach you the moves!  Between then and the dance, you can stick around at the Linda to watch Zombieland...or you can go grab some dinner.  See you there!


  1. Oh my goodness, Short, that first dress is adorable. I think you should go for the second one though, since you can really mess it up, and because it totally looks like Carries prom dress, haha.

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  2. Second One, ripping is more fun

  3. I think the polka dot one is adorable so I would say go with the second so you can get it bloody n stuff.

  4. I agree with everyone else. The first one is cute, but I would go with the second one so you can rip it, bloody it up, etc.

  5. I wouldn't mess you the polka dot one, it's cute! The second one is just screaming for gore.

  6. POLKA DOTS AND RIP IT UP, GORE IT UP ANYHOW!!! you look sooooo cute in it and you'd look so undeadly cute too! shopping is on my list today. i'm thinking something dynasty-ish, joan collins-ish but we'll see...

  7. I have to agree with what you are thinking Short, the polkadot dress is adorable and definitely still useable, so I would suggest you tuck it back in your closet and do the long dress that you can rip up and look Zombiefied in!!

    The Vinyl Princess

  8. I agree with everyone else. The long one would be more fun to rip up and it *does* look like the prom dress in Carrie. Bucket o' blood over the head!