Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Watching video of yourself play

I found this video a coworker of mine took last summer at our bout against the ManchVegas Roller Girls.
0:17. Check me out passing three opposing players.
I'm awesome.
I used to think I was hot stuff in this video.  OK, to be fair, you have to love my jammer start (0:05).  A somewhat good start off the line (0:08).  And that's not a bad derby stance - I'm got pretty low when on my initial approach to the pack (0:13). I manage to sneak up the inside line, passing three MVRG players at once (including jammer) (0:17).

Then what happens?
Who's awesome now? :(
Instead of hauling ass and moving my feet, I start to coast. Then a three person wall of MVRG players gets in front of me. It looks like I am coasting from 0:20 to 0:34.... 14 seconds!  That's a long time in the grand scheme of a two minute jam.Finally, at about 0:34, I turn up my speed and break through the wall to earn lead jammer status (0:35). I think at this point, the opposing jammer is still trapped in the pack by Kitty, Pork Slap, Nymph, and Missy (continuously awesome, the whole jam).
My speed around the track to lap the pack isn't too bad. I think my stride is ok, but I think I've surely improved in the past year. It takes me about 20 seconds to reach the back of the pack.

Eventually I catch up and am able to pass the opposing blockers to score my points easily for the most part, after taking a bump or two.  I think I may have scored all four points.  At that point, I take a good hit and am knocked to the floor, at which point I decide to call off the jam.

In hindsight, I'm torn if this was the right opportunity to call off the jam.  As I am falling, you can see that the opposing jammer has finally broken through the pack for her initial pass - she had not made her scoring pass yet. It was conservative tactic -- perhaps I would've had to refight my way through the pack again, whilst the other jammer made her way around to make her first scoring pass.  Alternatively, I could've hopped back up, fought through the pack, caught the other jammer, and possibly scored again.

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