Saturday, February 4, 2012

First derby road trip of 2012

Last weekend I embarked on my first roller derby road trip of 2012.  We had a bout against the Green Mountain Derby Dames on Sunday (as part of the Derby Social), but Eloda, Luci. D. Dream, and my sister Carol started our New England adventure a day early.

Our first stop was to see Anne Persand (awesome friend and premier roller derby referee!) in Massachusetts.  Anne was working on a project to make Valentine's Day cards for charity, so we brought some crafts and made a bunch of cards.

After that we headed to White Water Junction, VT and spent the night. It was an obvious choice that we had to get breakfast at the Farmer's Diner because we saw a review on Yelp that they had maple milkshakes. When in Vermont.
Carol, me, and Luci at the Farmers Diner.

yum yum yum! Maple milkshake in the background.

After breakfast we went to an antique shop and found some amusing items. Next stop was Hanover, NH for some more New England-ing and lunch. From there it was a quick ride over to Enfield, NH, the location of the Great Derby Social 2012!

Disharmony, Knockout, and myself were alumnis of the event from last year.  But this year there was something new: two sanctioned bouts, and we were asked to play! Against our friends the Green Mountain Derby Dames!  Eeeeeeee. 
Busting out slick moves on the rink floor
before the bout. We didn't win the bout, but did
we win the pre-bout?
Photo by Alana O'Hair
This was our first bout of 2012, as well as for Green Mountain. I had a little bit of jitters, but once the bout started I felt fine.  Green Mountain took the lead in the first jam, but we actually got a substantial lead in the first part of the period. It was exciting!

Green Mountain kept fighting, and eventually evened out the score. Both sides had a little penalty trouble. In the second period, the score was neck and neck and there were a bunch of lead changes. In the end, Green Mountain won the bout with a score of 141 - 138.  So close!  Hey, we'll take it.  It was a fun and exciting game.  A great start to 2012 for both teams.

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