Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hellions of Troy vs Assault City bout recap

This is the first thing I saw in the parking lot when I arrived at Rollarama before the bout on Saturday, March 17:

Hilarious! At that point I knew the girls from Assault City were going to help us have a great time that night.
Hellions warming up!
The Hellions hadn't played Assault City since 2009, but a few of us had been out to their mixed scrimmages in Syracuse. It was tough to know what to expect from this team, besides knowing they were fun girls.  Turns out, they were also tough skaters as well!

At the half, the Hellions were down 59 - 83. We managed to close the gap down to a final score of 160 Assault City to 154 Hellions. We picked it up the 2nd half but fell just a little short. Awesome game against our friends from Syracuse - looking forward to a rematch in July-on their turf this time!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the bout by Hispanic Attack:

Epic Kate-tastrophe going in for the hit - right on the money.
Pork Slap jammin'.  Luci D. Dream calling lead jammer!
Hellions booking it to the front of the pack to stop the jammer.

Oh hi, it's me, Short Temper!

The Hellions take on Assault City again this summer on July 7 in Syracuse.

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