Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Roadtrip to Ottawa, ON, Canada (Part 1)

The weekend of May 12 the Hellions took a jaunt up to Ottawa, Canada.  Most of us made the 6 hour drive on Friday evening, getting in late but ready to greet adventure on Saturday.

I'll talk about the actual bout in another post.  This one will chronicle some of our hijynx from the trip :)

Pitstop at Fastrac.

I drove up with Massacre, Haidee, and Kitty. We stayed in an Ottawa Hotel with several other Hellions, which was actually part hotel, part senior living apartments.  We deemed it the Old-tel.  Imagine parading through a hotel lobby in fishnets and gear bags, walking pass older folks just biding their time.  I wish I had thought to hand them a flyer.

Ottawa was a really nice city.  On Saturday we headed to the Capital Hill area for brunch and to check out their Victoria Day / Tulip Festival.  Even though we missed Albany's TulipFest, we still got to check out tulips in Ottawa!  But, like Albany, the flowers were mostly past their prime.

It was also Tulip Fest in Ottawa this weekend.
Lehman, Val, and Eloda simulating a triple bunkbed on a picnic table in the park.  I don't know why.

Massacre and I in the park. 
Eloda and I in the park.  Notice our matching outfits.
Shock, Eloda, and I in a toy store. I walked up to them having a puppet conversation that was in barely-discernable english, but they looked like they were enjoying themselves. So I put a bird on it.
On Sunday we were able to enjoy some more of the city before heading out. Some of the people staying in the Old-tel got breakfast at a restaurant called STeaK.  I had waffles with steak -- two of my favorite foods TOGETHER.  I'm no food blogger, but I will say it was excellent.

As we finished, the rest of the Hellions descended upon the restaurant, and we were finally all together.  We took a picture to capture the moment of togetherness (only person who is missing is Epic!)

Next we ventured into a market area.  We found a sweet bakery with Canada cookies.

There was also a market area with lots of art, jewelry, vegetables, and all that.

After that we found the Parliament building area. I think Ottawa is a bit like Albany in that it's a capital city. The parliament buildings were spread out over a vast lawn with lots of people congregating.  Prime for taking pictures, of course.

Kitty doing a cartwheel on the lawn of the Parliament buildings.

Yay Ottawa! Yay Hellions family vacation!

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