Friday, April 26, 2013

Quick Recap of First Two Bouts

March 2 - HoTRD vs. Green Mountain Derby Dames
HoT vs GMDD.  Photo by Sean Childs
Our first WFTDA sanctioned bout!  Against our great friends from Burlington, VT - the Green Mountain Derby Dames!
I was on the roster for this bout, however I ended up with a late case of the flu (!!!) and ended up having to miss the bout - I couldn't even go and watch.
GMDD is a strong team and was a good challenge for us.  The final score of the bout of 228 GMDD - 110 HoT.

March 23 - HoTRD vs. Roc City Roller Derby
HoTRD vs Roc City.  Photo by Kris Dreessen
This bout took place at RIT college - neat!  This is also where our former skater CrickHit goes to school - so we got to hang out with her that weekend.  She's skating with Roc City's B team... so awesome.  I wish I started derby in college!

Roc City took an early lead and racked up point quickly. The score at halftime was 211 Roc - 55 HoT. After a good peptalk in the locker room from coaching, we refocused and kept the damage minimal. Roc still took the win with a final score Roc 306 - HoT 126, but we were happy with the second half.  Roc also had perhaps the best hospitality ever - their skaters set up a potluck so there was tons of different and delicious food to enjoy after the bout.
Roc City also hosted a St. Baldrick's event that day - Jezibelle N. Hell participated - blog on that coming up soon!

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