Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Roll Around the World
Check out this webpage that I recently came across. Someone (wayfaring user futurnovelis556) put together a map of all (?) the roller derby leagues in the world. I say "?" because I am not sure when this was created or last updated, but it includes the Hellions of Troy! And check out how many leagues there are in New York and the Northeast! I guess you can say, we're on the map!

I recently got a comment on this blog from someone in Belgium.  With the internet being global, this isn't too much of a surprise, but still I think it's pretty cool. To think, girls all around the WORLD are helping to build the same fun and unique sport that I am so in love with.

Check out the audience of my blog. I'm not sure how other blog sites work, but blogger/blogspot is really neat with tracking a blog's audience and traffic sources.  Look at that... Latvia!  Taiwan! Wow! Hello World!

I've mentioned before, roller derby is international.  I've seen three teams from Canada (Toronto, Montreal, and Rideau Valley) play, as well as the London Roller Girls. As if it doesn't blow my mind enough that there are teams all around my own country, let alone two in my immediate area and 15+ in my own state.

I would like to say WELCOME to the derby community to one of New York's newest leagues: the Oz Roller Girls, from Oswego, NY, who I met this past weekend at the Assault City mixed scrimmage. This league was formed back in the spring and have been gearing up for their 2011 season. A few of their girls helped NSO the scrimmage on Saturday and they were great!

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  1. Awesome! Unfortunately the Chautauqua County RollerGirls are too new to have made the map!