Thursday, September 23, 2010

East Coast Regionals this Weekend

I'm starting to read up on the teams for Eastern Regionals this weekend.  Derby in the Burbs, hosted by Suburbia Roller Derby this year, will take place on Friday, September 24 - Sunday, September 26.

One special thing about this year's event is that it's the first time a team outside the U.S. will be competing.  the New Skids on the Block, Montreal Roller Derby's travel team, will take on Boston on Friday afternoon for Game 4.  I've seen both teams play, but more recently Montreal at East Coast Extravaganza back in July.

Like I wrote about Minnesota, I'm gonna say that Montreal is going to be the exciting team to watch this weekend - and not just because they'll be hard to miss wearing neon.  Not only are they an all around fun group of girls, but their hitting power and blocking ability is also quite impressive.  Geaux Montreal!

Shockratease is coming down on Friday with me and she's excited to see Steel City (Pittsburgh).  I just watched a video of them on youtube.  They look like a fun and hardworking team!

Then of course there is Gotham, whose All Star team never disappoints.  DNN has some interesting commentary on their strategy, which I've never noticed before so I'll have to pay attention.  Also excited to meet some of the girls from Suburbia (although they're not playing).  Lets go New York Derby!

Don't forget that you can watch the whole tournament live for free on Derby News Network!

For more "informed" commentary, check out DNN's preview article or the preview from Roller Derby Inside Track.  Better to consider their thoughts over my speculation when it's time to fill out your bracket.

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