Saturday, March 12, 2011

The rumors are true: HoTRD to play Montreal - Les Filles du Roi this June

You may not have heard it hear first, but I'm here to confirm it! The Hellions will cross the border to Canada to take on one of Montreal Roller Derby's home teams - Les Filles du Roi.

Montreal Roller Derby was the first Canadian team to be accepted to the WFTDA. Their all star team, the New Skids on the Block, were the sweethearts of last year's WFTDA 2010 Eastern Regionals. This year, according to DNN's Power Rankings, they are currently ranked #7 in the Eastern Region (and #12 overall). They're 4-1 (W/L) in 2011, having only the 2009 WFTDA Champions, the Oly Rollers, last month.

Let me just say - I am super excited for this bout. Not only does Montreal kick ass on the track, but they are also widely known for being a close knit, fun loving league (ask anyone who's seen them at tournaments). While we're not playing the New Skids on the Block (thank goodness), it's an honor to play one of their home teams.

This will not be our first international bout. On July 18, 2009, HoTRD took on Rideau Valley's Slaughter Daughters @ Frear Park (our 2009 Season venue). This is before I joined the Hellions, but you can view video of the bout on USteam: Period 1 and Period 2. However, this will be our first time traveling internationally for a bout. Look out Canada!

The Hellions of Troy will travel to Montreal to play Montreal Roller Derby's Les Filles du Roi on June 11, 2011.

The rest of our summer season will be announced soon, so stay tuned!

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