Friday, March 18, 2011

Hudson Valley Horrors scrimmage (+ Sonic Drive-in)

On Monday, March 7, a bunch of us traveled down to Hyde Park to scrimmage the Hudson Valley Horrors. These girls are so fun and nice, and I love their rink, Roller Magic! It has a really beautiful floor, sorta like Rollarama. HVHRD is also the home team for referee Ludachris Speed, and everybody likes him.

Both teams had a good number of girls, but we also ended up with Square Broot, Spazzy, and Savior Self on our team. Square Broot's name cracks me up!  Math!! <3

The teams were evenly matched. At half time the score was 68-68!

Pink blurs = Hellions; black blurs = Horrors.  (Ah yes, the horrible iphone photography you've come
to expect from this blog).
Yak Stew (background) on the jammer line.
One of our most recent fresh meat graduates, Yak Stew (still so new she doesn't have a derby name yet) made it down for the scrimmage. Here she is lined up on the jammer line ready to rock...

And she got lead jammer status!

Go little pink blur, go!

The final score of the scrimmage was 132 - 104.

And then after the scrimmage... we had to go to Sonic. Of course. Annnnd, special note.. our waiter/food bring-er out-er guy wore this roller skates!! (Because we begged him to).

Greetings from Sonic in Kingston, NY. Love, the Hellions.

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  1. I have to object to this post. I was totally not invited on the Sonic trip :(