Friday, June 24, 2011

Catching up on bout recaps: HoTRD vs Utica Roller Girls 4/23/11

On Saturday, April 23 we shipped out to Utica, NY to take on the Utica Roller Girls. I was excited about this bout as I was selected to be the captain, and we also had three brand new players on the track: Explosive Echo, Lehman Smothers, and Naughtia Nitrous! It's crazy - I can't remember derby WITHOUT these girls now!

Back (L to R): Coach Doc Hazard, Explosive Echo, Mathundra Storm, Lehman Smothers,
Delinquent Dollie, Disharmony, Torya Anewone, Con-tagious, Sweet Madness,
Valerie Valkyrie, Coach Kitty P, Coach Hanna Solo
Front (L to R): Deadlie Mercury, Spam Ghetti-ho's, Nymph O'Maniac, Naughtia Nitrous,
Baby Nuclear (as mascot!), Short Temper

Captains meeting. Photo by Janelle Rodriguez Photography
Look at all those lovely women!! I love bouts with new girls. URG also fielded several new players. Being the captain was an interesting experience. As captain, you have the special privilege of being able to (respectfully) address the referees (believe me, they only want to deal with one or two screaming/upset players, not a whole team).

The final score of the game was 162 Hellions – 69 Utica Rollergirls. I'm sorry I remember more details of the game...but here are a few more pictures:
Disharmony and Explosive Echo build a nice wall on the inside line, while URG's offense attemps to create a whole for
their jammer, Jenerator.  Photo by Janelle Rodriguez Photography
Hellions build a three person wall in the front.  Photo by Janelle Rodriguez Photography
HoTRD jammer Naughtia Nitrous neck-and-neck with URG's jammer, as Torya Anewone looks to do something about that...Photo by Janelle Rodriguez Photography

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