Saturday, June 11, 2011

Good morning from Montreal

Hello from our beautiful castle-like hostel in Montreal! A large number of Hellions rolled into the city yesterday evening and proceeded to take control.
Actually, my first stop was poutine at Resto la Banquise on Rue Rachel. This is what I feel like today due to fries, cheese curds, and gravy (photo right).

Today we take on one of Montreal Roller Derby's home teams, Les Filles du Roi.  This means "the Kings Daughters" in French.
I first wrote about my excited due to this bout 3 months ago. Not only does Montreal kick ass on the track, but they are also widely known for being a close knit, fun loving league (ask anyone who's seen them at tournaments). While we're not playing the New Skids on the Block (MTLRD's WFTDA A-team), it's an honor to play one of their home teams. According to DNN's June Power Rankings, the New Skids are currently ranked #5 in the Eastern Region (and #18 overall). Gonna learn a thing or two tonight....
Especially since I will be watching from the sidelines. I'm an alternate for this bout (player 15 or 16 on a 14 person roster). It's all good. After watching my teammates at practice, I'm really excited to see how we do tonight. Our coaching had some good drills for us to work on this past week. So excited!!

Heavens No, Hellions YEAH!

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