Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hellions invade Montreal

What an incredible weekend for the Hellions! A bunch of us headed up to Montreal on Friday, and the majority of us packed in to Auberge de Paris, a hostel in downtown Montreal. It was a good, good time. I drove up with Massacre, Sally Mae Hurtyou, and Escargot. First stop after checking in: Resto La Banquise for poutine. Others went out to celebrate Knockout Kid's 21st birthday at midnight!

On the hostel patio Saturday morning.
On Saturday we met up at the crack of 10:30am (well, that was the plan, it was more closer to 11:30 by the time everyone met up at home base) to do some exploring. One group went off to enjoy some omelettes (I heard they were ok), and I went off with others to find crepes. We did find a place ... but I think the staff at the restaurant hated our huge group of thirteen Americans, only two of which could speak enough French to get by -- the waitstaff couldn't (didn't want to??) communicate in English with us. So -- the crepes were ok, the service confusing, and we left with cultural stereotypes stirring in the minds of both parties. Sorry for the language barrier, crepe place!
Team Crepes
Then we went off to enjoy more of the city!
Deadlie Mercuty lookin' good in Montreal

Short Temper and Valerie Valkyrie at a street fair on Avenue du Mont Royal
Elsewhere, Pork Slap and Jon Matthis cut a rug in the street.
After our fun afternoon, it was time to head back to the hostel to get ready for game time... and at this point we had just found out that we would also be on DNN that night - our excitement was through the roof!

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