Thursday, April 15, 2010

Short Temper Here

Hello world. This is Short Temper reporting to you on behalf of the Hellions of Troy Roller Derby (HoTRD) league. The league was formed in September 2008 and we are in the midst of our second bout season. We are a real, skater-owned and operated roller derby team - unlike the roller derby you may have seen on TV in the 1970s, this is the real thing. The team is comprised of women from all over the Capital Region, including Troy, Albany, and Saratoga Springs. By day (and night) outside of the league we are students, nurses, state workers, mothers, and artists. I have been skating with the Hellions since September 2009. My love affair with derby started in 2008 after attending several Albany All Stars bouts at the Washington Avenue Armory. When a friend told me she was skating with the Hellions, I worked up the courage to attend a recruitment night and have been skating at least twice a week ever since. This blog will chronicle my adventures in roller derby, from bragging about bruises received at practice to attending local (and beyond) roller derby events. I have not been involved in a team sport since youth soccer in elementary school. My skating experience prior to derby was attending a few birthday parties at Guptills. Hello blogging world, what have I gotten myself into?


  1. The inaugural meeting for the Hellions of Troy was September 20, 2008 although some might say the "league" started at a small meeting on September 11, 2008. The first bout was October 11, 2008 away at the Ithaca League of Women Rollers (Hellions 96 SufferJets 115). I have photos of those events if you'd like them for your blog some time.

    Good luck with your blog! And YEAH for derby!

    - Bitches Bruze
    #802 Western Mass Destruction
    Founder Hellions of Troy Roller Derby

  2. BB, you are correct! Silly me, I was at the Hellions' first birthday bash in September 2009.

    I'm going to the LIRR v. PVRD bout on Saturday, will I see you there??

  3. You bet I'm skating! Although I'll totally understand if you'll be there to cheer on Point and Shoot. I'll be working hard to keep her butt touching the sport court. ;)

    You're in for a treat. The first bout - the Dirty Dozen vs. the New York Shock Exchange - is destined to be one for the history books. Don't know if you've ever seen men's derby before, but it's very exciting. Plus Will Jettison, another Founder of the Hellions, will be wearing the pivot cover a lot.

    Too bad you're missing the London/CTRG bout. A bunch of us are headed up to catch London in Providence on Sunday before they fly back over the pond.