Thursday, April 29, 2010

Two thumbs and rostered for the next bout.

Monday night at practice our roster for our next bout was announced. Our second game of the season is coming up, and I was not on the roster for the first bout. Not being picked was a learning experience: derby is competitive and it's important to prove you're solid with your skills or coaching is just not going to put you out there. People had been encouraging me to get aggressive -- play like I was mad at someone -- play like derby was where I could let all my frustration out. But it was wasn't quite clicking. After I didn't get picked for the first bout, it was time to play like my spot on the roster depended on it. With that in mind, let me tell you - the aggression and determination follows.
I've been skating with the Hellions since mid-September 2009. The Hellions' next bout is May 8, 2010 -- 8 months since I first strapped on skates. We'll be playing the Utica Roller Girls (URG) at the New Hartford Recreation Center in New Hartford, NY at 7pm. This will be a special game for me because my dad is from the Utica area and I've visited out there my entire life. My grandma and great aunt still live out there -- a while back I attended a skills testing event hosted by URG and I invited my aunt and grandma to come and watch. Needless to say, they told my whole family that I was now a "professional roller skater". They're actually the only two in family who have seen me skate. I can't wait for everyone else to come see me in action. I'll let them be the judge...and more importantly, my teammates and coaches. After 8 months of skating, I've learned a lot. My teammates have told me I'll learn more about the game from my first bout than that whole time period combined. Have you ever prepared and prepared and prepared for something, only to have the best learning experience be the first time you actually put your new skills into actual use?
Edit: I also want to mention that when Beefcake was reading down the list of rostered skaters on Monday, my name was called second to last. Talk about building up the suspense! Why second to last? Well, actually, people thought I was the last name to be called, until Beefcake pointed out he only read 13 names (a full roster is 14 skaters). Who would be taking the 14th spot? Surprise! We are also welcoming back Sonic Euthanizer, who is now back on the track after the birth of her daughter. Very excited to share the track with all our great veterans, especially Sonic.

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  1. The direction to use anger in my play never resonated for me either! Having met you, I can completely see how anger or frustration wouldn't work for you to improve your game any more than it would for me.

    Some times I think the "angry skaters" get all the recognition. ;)

    But seriously, I think you found the perfect approach for your self. Play like what you want most depends on it.

    For me "play" is a serious function there. Rather than be apathetic about my skills or that opposing blocker skating next to me, I work to find the fun of playing around and having fun applying my skills.

    Being intense is also important and I think that's what you're saying with your approach. It's nice to read that I feel you speak for the majority of us skaters who can't ever explain why derby is so important to us.

    Keep finding the good, the fun, and the promise of derby. Your blog is fantastic!