Monday, November 15, 2010

2010 WFTDA Championships - Day 1 - In Pictures

Below are photos from Day 1 (Friday, November 4) of the 2010 WFTDA Championships hosted in Chicago, IL. All photos by either Nicole Flaherty (Doc Bi O'Hazard) or Marcie Pry (Short Temper). Photos from Day 2 and Day 3 to come.

Demanda Riot of B.ay A.rea D.erby (B.A.D.) races up to assist her jammer in the first bout of the day - B.A.D. vs the Texas Roller Girls.  Photo by Nicole Flaherty.

Demanda Riot and Burly Bot of B.A.D. Photo by Nicole Flaherty.

View from the top of the seating area. There was not a bad seat in the house. B.A.D. vs the Texas Roller Girls. Photo by Marcie Pry.

Jammer for B.A.D. Photo by Nicole Flaherty.

Jammers for B.A.D. and Texas line up on the jammer line in the first bout of the day. Photo by Nicole Flaherty.

Skaters for B.A.D. wait to line up for the next jam. Photo by Nicole Flaherty.

Texas' bench coach gives skaters on deck a pep talk. The jammer on the right went on to score a significant amount of points, decreasing B.A.D.'s lead and giving Texas momentum to eventually win the game. Photo by Nicole Flaherty.

Charm City, of Baltimore, MD, lined up on their bench. Photo by Nicole Flaherty.

The Minnesota Roller Girls gather in a huddle during a time out in their game against Charm City. Photo by Nicole Flaherty.

The Minnesota Roller Girls hope for victory over Charm City. Photo by Marcie Pry.

Minnesota's pivot lays a block on Charm City's jammer.  Photo by Marcie Pry.

The Minnesota Roller Girls huddle during a time out during their game against Charm City. Photo by Marcie Pry.

Charm City's bench. Photo by Nicole Flaherty.

Charm City's coach, Virginia Slim, motions to the CC jammer to call off the jam. Photo by Nicole Flaherty.

The Mad Rollin' Dolls, of Madison Wisconsin, huddle together before their bout against the Philly Roller Girls. Photo by Nicole Flaherty.

Jammers for Mad Rollin' Dolls and Philly on the line. Photo by Nicole Flaherty.

Mad Rollin' Dolls jammer racing around the track. Photo by Nicole Flaherty.

The Nashville Roller Girls prepare for their game against the Oly Rollers of Olympia Washington. Photo by Nicole Flaherty.

Rettig to Rumble of the Oly Rollers. Photo by Nicole Flaherty.

Nashville skaters look on as Oly's jammer earns lead position. Photo by Marcie Pry.

Justice Feelgood Marshall sports Amanda Jamitinya (of Rocky Mountain)'s jersey from the sidelines during the Nashville/Oly bout.


  1. Great photos!! Wish I could take some! How fun would that be!? :)

  2. Hey Bec! I bet there's leagues near you - Rat City plays in Seattle; the Oly Rollers play in Olympia; and Rose City plays in Portland, OR; and also a team called Rainy City in Centralia.

    You should def check out a bout sometime. I bet your kids would love it ;)