Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bacteria Move in Derby Direction - Swim Fast, Turn Left!

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A while back, Mathundra Storm wrote a great post on the Times Union Roller Derby Blog about why we skate counter-clockwise. Doc Bi O'Hazard (she's a real life scientist!) recently sent me a this article about microoganisms which swim in the counter-clockwise direction (further adding to Mathundra's list.

The article, from Science News, is called Like NASCAR Drivers, Microbes Forced to Circle Forever to the Left (or when Doc read it, Like Derby Girls,  Microbes Forced to Circle Forever to the Left).  I read the article a few times (actually about ten times) before I began to understand it. Sharing it now with all you science-y peeps out there. Hooray for thinking of roller derby in unlikely places!

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