Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hellions Bout Tonight!

Hooray! It's bout day!  See you tonight at Rollarama in Schenectady.

Reminder to all local derby peeps: Wear some of your team merch and let the ladies at the door know you're a derby player and pay only $5 at the door. It's a Deep Derby Discount!

Definitely coming to the bout? Say so on Facebook!

I'm super excited for our three new girls who will make their debut tonight: Torya Anewone, Amelia Tear Her Apart, and Con-Tagious!  Plus, Valerie Valkyrie and Disharmony will also make their second appearance.

I have a couple things on my agenda today before the bout. I've got laundry in the washer. I'm going to clean my mouthguard.  I need to pick out something to wear.  I need to eat breakfast (whoops, is it 12:30pm already?)  Here's how a couple other Hellions are preparing for the bout (via facebook):
The theme of the bout is "No Place Like Home".  Torya has the right idea!

Baby Nuclear's making some sweet decorations!

I also know the Oz Roller Girls are on their way here right now! See you tonight ladies!

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