Monday, June 27, 2011

Catching up on bout recaps: HoTRD vs Garden State Rollergirls 5/14/11

On Saturday, May 14 we hit the road for New Jersey. Oh New Jersey.
This was a double header with Suburbia Roller Derby (Westchester, NY) vs. the Garden State Ironbound Maidens, and the Hellions of Troy vs. GSR's Brick City Bruisers. New York took the win for both games! The Hellions took the win over Garden State this weekend: 183 – 72. Like my catch-up recap for the URG bout, I'm sorry I don't remember a ton of details bout the game, but here's some quips from the weekend in general!

Kitty, Deadlie, and Spam on the line, Baby Nuclear ready to start the jam. Photo by George Govel
I can't tell you how much fun I had that weekend in New Jersey.
Two tweets sum up how close I got to my teammates...

We did pretty good. I think we took as few cars as possible to get down. I rode down in Disharmony's Prius with Pork Slap, Escargot, and Sweet Madness.

Baby Nuclear and I played "team moms" this weekend and coordinated actually 14ish people between the two rooms at the hotel. There was swimming, Red Robin burger eating (not the best choice before bouting - FYI), and climbing out hotel windows.

Lehman and Storm saving the world from zombies! Photo by Ida.
But back to the bout... New Jersey's venue is great!  It's like Rollarama and a hockey arena had a baby. We took advantage of the arcade before the bout started ... the skating surface was nice and I got to see Sean "Hale Yeah" the photographer in person again. Speaking of which, he got some great photos!

Reading our team pump up chant, as lead by Hazmatt. Photo by Hale Yeah
Hellions introduction lap! We are so ready to bout! I love Storm's face. Photo by Hale Yeah
* * *
Eloda's parents also made the trip down. I count them amongst the Hellions SUPER FANS.
Pork Slap IS awesome.  And Ed made that sign himself.
AMAZING! Photo by George Govel

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