Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Catching up on bout recaps: HoTRD vs Skyland Rollergirls 6/4/11

Me and Daisy Duke-Ya from Skyland. She's way nice!
The Hellions earned a narrow victory over the Skyland Roller girls on Saturday, June 4. This was the first bout of our summer season - our last home bout at Rollarama was in March against the Killah Bees from Rhode Island, so we were raring to go!

The Skyland girls were great! They were strong players and it was a close game the whole time.

I like these pictures because the Skyland pivot is in a very serious stance. In the first one, I, as pivot, look a little too relaxed (oops), but in the second one, Knockout is ready to roll too.

Like I said, this was a close and intense game... kind of nail biting even! The final score was 106 Hellions - 93 Skyland. We had a small lead at the half, and it was tied at one point in the second period.

It's not all about the score though. We hadn't had a game this close in a long time. Thank you so much to Skyland for coming up to play us!

Congrats to the bout MVPs, Hanna Solo and Daisy Duke-Ya! Oh, and I need to mention - we had some WIPs at our bout... Wicked Important People... Wicked Skatewear that is. B-Train, Quadzilla, and Strych9 were in town! The previous evening they were rocking an Albany All Stars event - Wicked Hijinks (which btw, was a good time!) so we invited them to our bout the next night. They are all WAY nice and I even saw Quadzilla jump out of his seat when Naughtia Nitrous landed a big, big hit.

Storm and Quadzilla... yeah!

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