Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Looking for local groups to join us at our charity bout

We are looking for local organizations to help us underwrite our upcoming charity bout to support breast cancer awareness and research. Like minded organizations can buy/sponsor a "jam" (The game of roller derby is composed of a series of 2 minute jams organized into two 30 minute halves).
We'll make an announcement during the bout similar to "this jam is sponsored by XYZ organization!"

Local organizations are also invited to have a table to provide materials on your organization. You do not have to be an underwriter to have a table at this bout, as long as your organization supports the theme of our event.

Are you another local organization who is hosting a breast cancer awareness event? We'd love to work on a collaboration with you, too!

The event will not be your standard roller derby bout but rather will be an exciting intraleague event in which the rules and ways of play will be determined by the spectators. Along with collecting donations at the door, we will also be inviting audience members to donate a small amount to control the game (e.g., $1 buys your favorite team a point, $3 allows you to put a player in the penalty box, etc.), making it a fun interactive experience.

All profits raised will be donated to TruJoy, a local organization dedicated to raising breast cancer awareness within the Capital Region, and The Avon Breast Cancer Walk. Our announcer Heidi Davis AKA Eloda Sarcasm has walked for the past four years (NYC, Boston, Chicago and Houston) and will do so again on September 22-23, 2012 in Santa Barbara, CA.

We are reaching out to community organizations that may be interested in attending this event and supporting our efforts to raise funds for breast cancer research. Like many of you, this is something that has touched members of our league on a personal level, and we are working hard to promote this cause and let others know what they can do to participate.

We are also looking for local organizations to donate items to be raffled or "auctioned" off during the event.

If you are interested in attending, underwriting, donating, collaborating, or tabling, please contact:
Baby Nuclear at 
Delinquent Dollie at
for more information.

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