Thursday, October 6, 2011

Next Recruitment Night: October 9, 2011

I didn't get to really participate in a fresh meat program. Sure, I was considered "fresh meat for the standard three months" but my training was very trial-by-fire.  But I ain't complaining, and it just demonstrates the fact how much our league has grown in the past two years since I joined.

The Hellions have developed a fresh meat training program where we teach new skaters the ropes from the ground up. Based on the WFTDA Minimum Skills Requirements, we teach our new recruits everything about skating roller derby, including:

  • how to fall down safely
  • how to stop
  • how to give a hit
  • how to take a hit
  • perfecting a derby-style stride
Haven't strapped on skates in a couple years?  Maybe more like a decade or two?  No problem.  The ability to skate comes right back to you.

Come check out the Hellions this Sunday night at Rollarama Skating Center (2710 Hamburg Street, Schenectady) at 7pm. Email if you have questions in advance.

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