Thursday, February 9, 2012

Scrimmage with Suburbia against Hudson Valley

Reading Rambo on the line for the Hellions
once again! (ok, just temporarily)
On Tuesday night, some Hellions traveled down to Kingston for a scrimmage against the Hudson Valley Horrors. We had about 8 people that were able to make it, so some girls from Suburbia Roller Derby came up to fill in our ranks...including former Hellion, Reading Rambo! Rambo moved downstate about a year ago.

This was the first scrimmage for one of our new girls, "Fugu", who just passed her WFTDA minimum skills test, so she doesn't even have her official roller derby name (Fugu is her meat name). Her background is in hockey and she has been tearing up the track!

The scrimmage was fun, we always enjoy getting together with the Hudson Valley girls. This was the first time I think I've had the pleasure of meeting skaters from Suburbia (although, I might've met a couple Suburbia peeps in 2010 at Eastern Regionals). They were fun!

Two Suburbia girls I met were Fifi Fleshwound and ... ok, so this is silly, but Fifi jokingly told me her name was "BeBe Aggressive".. get it, "Fifi and BeBe!"? ... and I knew at that point I would never be able to commit her actually derby name to memory. Friend!  Tell me your name!  .... Fizzy Lola!  Thank you, Vixen.  Haha, great name! I might still call you BeBe - I like both names! <3
Fifi and "Be Be"(?!)
I am looking forward to seeing these two and the rest of the Suburbia girls again soon - we're playing Suburbia in a couple weeks at their venue in Yonkers.

Here's a couple more pictures from the scrimmage.
Val on the jammer line, behind one of those new fangled rugby scrum starts.

Lehman Smothers and Puffy Bangs on the jammer line as Hudson Valley figures our their
plan of attack.  Which probably involved Rxy Ramalotte laying on the pain.


  1. Bebe= Fizzy Lola!

    Great time skating with the Hellions! Can't wait for the 25th!!

  2. Great post. Sorry for the mix up.. ha ha

    It was a lot of fun playing with you all and I'm looking forward to watching the Hellions and the Brawl duke it out on the 25th!

    See you then!

    1. You know me--I'm like a squirrel with shiny objects! I was just so excited to get to skate with my lil' derby sis, Lola & a lot of back story just spilled out. ;)

      Thank you guys so much for letting us join you on the track for the scrimmage! It was a blast to meet & play with you all!