Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Two Year Bout-aversary

I almost forgot - the bout I played in on May 12 against Rideau Valley was my two year anniversary of my first bout against the Utica Roller Girls (May 8, 2010).  In 2011 I bouted the same weekend (May 14), against Garden State.

November 2009 in Philly for 2009 Champs
I joined the Hellions in September 2009.  The first practice I showed up to was actually at Frear Park... it was right before we moved to Rollarama.  It was also the end of their season, and there were no bouts even scheduled until April 2010...it was 6 months before I could even think about playing in a game.

For those 6 months I trained and learned the game.  I watched a lot of roller derby and really fell in love after attending the 2010 WFTDA Championships in Philadelphia.  We didn't have the formal fresh meat training we have now.  Our league has grown a lot in the past 2.5 years.  Remember when I said we didn't bout for 6 months when I joined? Things somehow changed after that... from April 2010 to November 2011 we had at least one both every single month with the exception of two.  22 bouts and two tournaments in 18 months.)

It's also strange to think I've been the league manager for over a year, having been elected in early 2011 and now serving my second term.  I love being part of this growing league.  We earned our WFTDA Apprenticeship in October 2011 and we're working towards completing the requirements for full WFTDA membership. I will say that's our biggest accomplishment during my tenure with the league. Followed up by our third place finish at Empire Skate Showdown in September 2011.

I have personal goals and goals for the league...but on that subject, I'm not gonna talk about it, I'm gonna be about it.  Here's to another amazing year as a Hellion.