Monday, June 18, 2012

You Can't Hide That Hellions Pride - Albany Pride Parade and Festival 2012

We've participated in the Capital District Pride Parade and Event for the past couple years, but this was the first year I was able to personally attend. We had a bout in Connecticut the night before, but I dragged myself out of bed by 10am (haha) and headed to Washington Park (where I was lucky to snag a close parking spot). I met the girls and we set up our table, chairs, and tent.

There were so many fun and colorful people there. Note, telling a friend you're "by the people with the rainbows" is not a great way to describe your location.

Was someone from Roc City at the
Parade on Sunday?
I've marched in a lot of parades (I'm in a marching band, but that's another story), but this was one of the funnest. We saw our friends from WRPI's Homo Radio, and ended up marching behind a really friendly church group. The crowd was super fun.

About 10 Hellions were in our walking group, and we had three people skating: me, Epic, and Disharmony. We all skated the night before, and I want to give a shout out to Disharmony who was zooming around with awesome energy the whole parade. We joined hands and skating in circles at one point during the parade route. Jezibelle also pulled her daughter in a wagon and she passed out leis. 

Skating in the street was fun, except the cobblestones on Lark Street! I had to tip-toe over them on my toe stops. I may or may not have walked through the grass in my skates (wearing my outdoor wheels) at the end of the parade. I loved when we walked past the stage and they announced our name!
Darla Vader and me!  We love roller derby.
The rest of the day we spent at our tent talking to tons of wonderful and interesting people. Near the end of the day, the event MCs said it was time for parade awards, such as best float. I didn't even know they had awards. Suddenly... we heard "Best Walking Group in the Parade.... the Hellions of Troy!" WOW! Epic and I ran across the park to the stage to pick up the trophy - we were so excited! We got a trophy!! We are going to ask the owner of Rollarama if we can keep the trophy at the rink.
Capital Pride 2012: Best Walking Group
I got a little bit sunburned, but otherwise it was a really beautiful day to spending in Albany's Washington Park with the Hellions.
Thank you to Epic for organizing the Hellions to be involved with Pride this year!