Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Derby roadtrip to see Mid-Hudson Misfits

Me, Lilly, and Jez
On Friday night I took a little roadtrip to Oneonta with Jezibelle N Hell and her kiddo Lilly (aka my sidekick) to check out the Mid-Hudson Misfits first game ever!  They were hosted by the Oneonta Roller Derby's Derailing Darlings.  I've been out to their venue (Interskate 88) a couple other times for their bouts, including their first one against Central New York (CNY).  I really love all the strings of lights they hang from the ceiling at the venue!

The bout was fun - not a very fast level of play, but I still saw team work and basic strategy.  Oneonta was pretty aggressive with their hits and their jammers liked to go one-on-one with the other jammer.  The Misfits were down by about 70 points at halftime, but they started the second half strong.  Oneonta wasn't ready to give up their big lead, though.  I recall Squirrel Jam having a crazy awesome power jam - it was awesome!!  There were definitely a couple confusing points with too many people in the box.

The Misfits came to our practice a couple weeks ago to scrimmage, so there were lots of faces I recognized on the track.

Squirrel Jam, Ophelia Knockers, Tetta Vendetta, Square Broot

I have known Square Broot (I love her name!!) and Ophelia Knockers since I started playing roller derby!  I was really happy to see them play!  I also saw Miranda Wrights back on skates (yay!) and hung out with Pushup Zebra and Hispanic Attack.

The only bummer was the ride home -- snowstorm!!  Some people say Jezibelle is a crazy driver...but she definitely knows how to drive in the snow.  But then once the snow was clear - I'll admit... she's pretty crazy.  Overall, great roadtrip down I-88!
ahhh -- snow storm! (or are we going warp speed?)

And lastly... enough of my crappy iphone photos... make sure to check out Hispanic Attack's photos on facebook!
Photo by Hispanic Attack

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  1. Thanks Short Temper... for the awesome story, photos, and last but most importantly... your support of our Wonderful Misfits... It just shows that BAD ASS comes in all sizes....