Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hellions head out to Rochester for a roller derby weekend

This weekend we are headed out to Rochester to take on Roc City Roller Derby.  It's a double header bout, more roller derby than you can shake a stick at!

Roc City B-Sides vs. NHRD Queen City Cherry Bombs @ 6:00 PM 
Roc Stars vs. Hellions of Troy @ 8:00 PM
Gordon Field House @ RIT -- Doors @ 5:00 PM

I totally love their bout art work!

Our last full length bout against Roc City was in 2011 against their B-Team , a close game! Hellions 85 - Roc City 92.  This time we're sending the Hellions for a sanction bout, which will count towards our WFTDA ranking.

I actually missed that game that year (I think I was on vacation?).  The last time I was in Rochester was for roller derby was for a newbie scrimmage with the Utica Roller Girls in 2010!  I think it was one of my first away scrimmages.  I specifically remember being afraid of one of their really tall skaters, GWAR (who still plays, I see).  I described her as "7 feet tall" in my blog post about the scrimmage, hahaha.  We will see if that is actually the case.

That weekend I drove out to Rochester with Kitty P and Reading Rambo and we stayed at Kitty's house.  The next day we went to the Lilac Festival.  It's one of my most fond roller derby field trip memories.

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