Thursday, August 12, 2010

Eat, Sleep, Roll

Monday night at practice I fell over one of my teammates who took a spill in front of me.  I landed right on my hip bone.  Just sayin' - I used to have a few more pounds which translated to a little extra padding.  Not so much anymore (I can't really complain about that anymore).   So I have a nice fat bruise on my hip.  I was so sore on Tuesday, but now I'm feeling better.  I'm ready to skate.

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The week before our last bout and this bout I haven't thought a lot about actually skating though.  I'm constantly thinking about one aspect of the bout or another.  I know things are being taken care of, and I know I'm not the only fretting about this or that.  But that makes me feel a little better because I know someone MUST be thinking of the one thing I forget to make sure is taken care of.  I'm neck deep in derby, but I love it.

Thursday night at practice I want to refocus on skating.  It's two days before the bout.  Time to get my mind in the game.

Tonight I finally imported the Hellions Music Swap mix to my iTunes.  123 random songs.

Some expected: 
Amy Winehouse - Rehab
a couple Lady Gaga hits
Bizarre japanese pop/rock
A song called Rollerskates by Treaty of Paris
They Might Be Giants - Birdhouse in Your Soul <3

Some surprising / hysterical contributions:
Animaniacs - States and Capitals
3 songs by the Decemberists (one of them my contribution)
no Michael Jackson!?

I shall listen through the entire collection and perhaps note any other outstanding contributions.  Hopefully this is a relaxing activity and I can focus on the game and my teammates - vicariously through their music tastes.

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