Monday, March 14, 2011

Hilarity and good times ensue up in Vermont

Quick recap on the Green Mountain Derby Dames bout here:

We had so much fun in Vermont last month! Once I got to the bout, I made the unique decision to break in my new set of Poison wheels. My Atom Queen Bs are pretty much bald, and probably too hard for GMDD's polished concrete floor. Shockratease helped me perform surgery on my skates.

It's not a great idea to use any kind of new equipment during an important event, but I'm glad I did. GMDD's floor was a lot slicker than Rollarama, and the balance the Poisons provided me really helped me out. I did end up with a lil' blister, but no big deal.

Other Hellions antics included having a second floor locker room and subsequently piling into the elevator and giving certain people a nervous fit. muah hahah.

Sure, come on in, we've got plenty of room!
Getting cozy.
HoTtest elevator ride ever.

Unfortunately, Hanna Solo was able to attend the GMDD bout, so in our locker room we made homage to her. We love her.
It spells H-A-N-N-A -  see?
I stayed with some family who live in Essex, Vermont, so I missed what sounded like a fun after party of karaoke and laughter. Then there was the hotel hot tub situation . . .  YEAHHHH.

Lastly (although, how do you top the above picture?), Sunday late morning a bunch of us met up at Ben & Jerry's on Church St. in Burlingtown to take on the Vermonster. But that's a post for itself...

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