Monday, March 7, 2011

Recent Fresh Meat Graduates!

We had a recruitment night last night, which reminded me I need to honor our most recent fresh meat graduates (and some not that really recent anymore!)

I like to post when fresh meat graduate so I can look back after a few months, especially when they've been through a couple bouts. I kind of love this photo from when Spam, Hanna, Dollie, and Baby graduated. I can't believe it was back in May 2010!

Anyway, here's some pics of our recent graduates...some who have already even bouted!

November 2010 Fresh Meat Graduates
Amelia Tear Her Apart, SinVinceable, Torya Anewone, Con-Tagious, Disharmony, Evo Huntress. .... and Flexi?!? What are you doing back there?

Freshest of the Fresh: February 2011 Fresh Meat Graduates
Graduation Master of Ceremony Beefcake introducing the girls with their new derby names for the first time.
Lehman Smothers, Jewish Lighting, Explosive Echo, Murder Muffin, and yet-to-be-named-still-being-called-Yak-Stew.

Introducing: Sassa Blanca!
Oh, and one more stragler: congrats to Sassa Blanca, even though you showed up late to practice!! We still love you though.

Not gonna lie - it's hard to remember to call the girls by their new names. Disharmony's gonna be "Road Kill" in my mind for a while. I can't help it! But some names are sticking and already earning nicknames. "J-Light"? I like it!

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