Wednesday, October 27, 2010

2010 Albany Zombie Walk

Getting gruesome.
Photo by Kayla Galway.
After applying way too much makeup for last year's zombie events, I was hesitant to doll myself up as dramatically. However, since WAMC provided makeup artists at the walk meetup location, I decided to go for it anyway!

Zombies started congregating for the walk at 3pm, and by the time 5pm rolled around we had a nice big group. Thank you to AOA Greg for stopping by to capture some pictures of the walk. Check out the post on AOA.
Photo by Kayla Galway

The Walk went very well. I loved people's reactions as they watched from store fronts. Zombie Squad was there to keep back zombies from getting to close to the innocent. We also had mounted police to control the flow of traffic. Sadly no firetruck.

Here's a video of the Walk, courtesy of Space Chalky! Check out "Zombie Billy Mays" around 3:50.

Update: Photos by Sebastien B.:  He got a picture of Haggis on her skates, and my favorite zombie with the numbers on her face.  Woohoo.  Thanks for coming out to shoot! Full slideshow here.

Once we got to the parking lot of the Linda, there was a Thriller Dance Off as well as a Brain Eating Contest. I wanted to grab dinner with some Hellions before the prom started. I rounded up my friends but couldn't find Mathundra....where was she?

Find out after the jump...

Participating in the brain eating contest, of course. The brains were made of gelatin and condensed milk, I believe. They were really thick (Storm let me try a piece, haha). It tasted kinda fruity.
All day, Storm provided me the most entertainment. She was an hysterical zombie.
Photos by Kayla Galway

We did make it to dinner. Hmm, Shining Rainbow. Sushi! Zombies also crave the flesh of fish. The owner even took our pictures.
Zombie Hellions enjoying Shining Rainbow.
Photo by Kayla Galway.
Tea time. Photo by Kayla Galway.
Spicy orange chicken and bubble tea. Photo by Kayla Galway.

Up next... Find out who was crowned The Zombie King and Queen.

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