Monday, October 25, 2010

Schenectady Art Night Recap

Rambo, Mutton, and I had a lot of fun at Art Night Schenectady last Friday! There were LOTS of people milling around Proctor's, and I'm sure even more were out and about in the other venues. The organizers of Art Night are really friendly.

Short and Mutton enjoy some cake.
It was really fun to skate around inside Proctor's, lobby, even though it's carpeted. We were set up near the Muddy Cup. There was also a Cake Boss type competition on the other side of the lobby, and even cake for sale! The three of us each sampled a slice. Bettie's Cakes had a cupcake decorating station downstairs, and I saw lots of people with awesome cupcakes. Yum! If you want to drool, look at their photos on facebook. Wowww. One of the owners also stopped by our table to say hello.

We talked to a lot of people, and some girls bought some shirts. I love talking to people in Schenectady about Rollarama. Almost everyone says, "I used to skate there when I was a kid!" if they're an adult; or, "I skate there!" if they are a kid, haha. It's so great that Schenectady/Rotterdam has a nice family facility like that. All my town had was a dang bowling alley.

It's also hilarious when people finally notice we're on skates. Do they think we glide so gracefully across the floor by walking? My favorite thing to say to people with strollers is "nice wheels!" On the carpet near Muddy Cup, there was a big circle pattern, maybe a 12 foot diameter, which I was skating around the perimeter. A lady was watching me, so I said, "do you ever just feel like you're just skating around in circles?" Ahahha, I am so funny. I really love Schenectady, everyone there is so nice.

Reading Rambo and Short Temper
A big shout out to Reading Rambo, who did an incredible job as our bout production manager for our bout last week. She helped coordinate our appearance at Art Night - we really want to be a presence in Schenectady because we'll be bouting at Rollarama for the foreseeable future. And it really is a great venue. Look at this ridiculous picture of me and Rambo. Am I really that short?? There are a few other pictures where I just can't believe the height difference. Pretty much any picture where I am situated near Epic Kate-tastrophe or Deadlie Mercury. Anyway, Rambo is awesome and is so dedicated to the success of our team. If you ever see her, make sure you give her a high five!

Oh, and Mutton! She's one of our super awesome fresh meat. She's been a big help to me with pr/marketing stuff for this bout, so high five to her, too!

Art Night Schenectady is the third Friday of every month. The next event will be November 19.

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  1. Damn Amelia, Cant get enough of work eh?
    Art night sounds fun. I may need to swing by one of these Fridays.