Monday, October 18, 2010

Zombies v. Vampires - in pictures

Here are some of my favorite photos from Battle of the Undead.  (Sorry, I don't really have any action shots!)

Zombies vs Vampires

Halftime show band:
Beware! the Other Head of Science.  The crowd was really into them!
Me and my mom!
Me and Mr. T.  This was the first bout he ever reffed. :)
Me and HoT's #1 Fan: Space Chalky!  I LOVE this picture!
Zombies celebrating their win and the game MVPs with a huge embrace.
Zombie MVP: Hanna Solo; Vampire MVP: Sonic Euthanizer
Flexi and me at the after party.
Zombies nomming on brains: (top left clockwise: Hanna Solo,
Deadlie Mercury, Reading Rambo, Suzie Suckapunch)
The refs watching video footage of the bout at the after party.  Nerdy.  I like it.
Me and Reading Rambo.  She is amazing!

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