Wednesday, September 15, 2010

No rain on our parade

Guest post by Deadlie Mercury

Despite the clouds, slightly chilly weather, and foreboding forecasts we had smooth skating for the Uncle Sam Parade in Lansingburg on Sunday!
Nine of us Hellions (Ivanna, Masochistic Molly, Spamgettihoes, Hanna Solo, Mathundra Storm, Epic Kate-tastrophe, Flexi, fresh meat coach Skittles, and myself) gathered to bring some Hellions sunshine and rainbows to one of Troy's most beloved parades.

Skating in parades is definitely one of the most fun things we get to do as roller derby girls. It's not only a great way to let the locals know that we're around, but it's so much fun to hear how excited people get to see us. As we passed the crowds we often hear "Hey! Roller derby!" or "YEAH HELLIONS!". We have a dedicated fan base in Troy, despite the fact that our home is currently at Rollarama in Schenectady. And we appreciate all the love we get, no matter where our fans are from!

Of course, my personal favorite are the kids. Some times you pass a cluster of children and one asks "What are they doing?" and someone responds "They're roller skating!" and become very in awe of this fact. Also, there are a lot of little girls who love my hair. Since it's pink/purple/blue, I guess I can see why.


Video highlights and photos of the parade by the Troy Record.

More photos from parade by the Gazette (linked photo: Flexi foreground; Ivanna left; Epic Kate-tastrope right)

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  1. LOL, I can't get my kids roller skates. :( All rough dirt roads out yonder where I live!! BOO!

    YEAH, HELLIONS!!! ;)