Friday, September 10, 2010

North Central Regionals

Ten teams will be participating in this weekend's Thunda on the Tundra, WFTDA's North Central Regional Playoffs in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  This weekend is the first of the 5 major WFTDA tournaments - the Eastern Regional Playoffs are a couple weeks away, and will be hosted in Westchester, NY!  It all culminates at the 2010 WFTDA Nationals which will be held in Chicago.  I hope I can go!

For now, hopefully I'll be able to catch a game or two of Thunda on the Tundra online.  You can watch the bouts LIVE on Derby News Network.  That's what I am doing right now!

Here are the teams and any commentary I can offer on each (which isn't too much):

Windy City Rollers - will be hosting the 2010 Nationals.  Jackie Daniels (she was in Whip It!) also plays on this team.
Detroit Derby Girls - I remember them from last year's Nationals in Philly.  They were pretty tough.
Mad Rollin' Dolls
Cincinnati Rollergirls
Brewcity Bruisers - this team is hosting the tournament.  Also, superstar referee Miranda Wrights started her derby career with this team - as a skater!
North Star Roller Girls
Minnesota RollerGirls - I met some of these people at ECE.  Look at their website - they sell out to a crowd of thousands!  Isn't their venue perfect?  According to their website, "The Minnesota RollerGirls are the first league in the country to have a professional space for practices and bouts. The Roy Wilkins Auditorium in downtown Saint Paul is where we call home and we couldn't be happier!"
Arch Rival Rollergirls
Naptown Roller Girls
Omaha Rollergirls

I'm looking forward to seeing who comes out on top.  And the top three teams will advance to Nationals!

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