Sunday, September 19, 2010

Training off the Track - Part 2

In my last post, I suggested running as a great way to help improve your endurance.  This post will focus on strengthening your legs and abs.

I came up with the idea of this post because the other night at practice I overheard Kitty talking about doing squats while she watches TV.  Squats.  Do them.  Set a goal - maybe 2 sets of 10 during each commercial break.

Now abs.  Why are strong abs (or at least not completely weak) important to roller derby?  One reason is getting up after a fall, especially if it's one where you end up on your back, you need to sit up with out putting your hands on the track.  Unless you want to get your fingers rolled over.

Doing sit-ups occasionally should be easy to incorporate into your week.  This isn't high school gym class, so I'm not going to suggest you do a ton, but try to work in a few sets during a commercial or before bed time.

Squats and sit-ups are two small exercises that you can do outside of practice that will help you in a big way during practice.  No time to do them off the track?  Why not do them at practice during warm up?  Please?  I need some company.

What do you do off the track to keep in roller derby shape?

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